Marubishi firm (plaza shop)
address 6-10,
Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Ameyoko-cho Arcade
plaza A ridge 44
TEL 03-3836-3189 
FAX 03-3836-3189
regular hours  AM10:00〜PM18:30
regular holiday second Wednesday
business company name
Duties person in charge about the mail order
Marubishi firm Co. Ltd.
       Seki Kumi

handling article
 All the articles which we treat become the new article.
 There is the order article to give it at reduced prices. The staff guides the effect by all means.
selling price

 Every each article tax-included cash price It is displayed The unconfirmed article is a blank
 The clock price changes every day. I update one or two times in a week, but display it entirely
I cannot display information.
 Please identify a price as stock presence before before coming to the store or an order.

order method

 The order does a receptionist of even a telephone, an e-mail, FAX
    (Ref, brand name, Amount. destination, name, phone number, Breath adjustment presence please prepare to beforehand)
 A lot of similar articles take the wrong ROLEX
There is the ordered visitor. Please confirm the similar article yes or no to the staff.

payment method
 I do communication of the confirmation of order contents from us when I have you apply.
 The payment amount of money The article price + postage(\ 1,000)
(But the following amount of money is added for the postage / a COD mail fee in the case of the COD mail.)
Bank transfer (a cash lump) ・・・ Transfer:The Mizuho Bank Ueno branch (a salesclerk): 107)
     Normal 1784653

     Marubishi firm Co. Ltd.
 I ask for the transfer fee with a visitor burden.
 I ask by the name of the visitor who had you apply for the transfer name.  In addition, of the day when the receipt of money shipped our email of the confirmation.
 I ask to have you go on the next day.
 (When soil / a day / a holiday enters, I contact it at any time.)
 The article becomes the shipment after the receipt of money confirmation.
Cash COD mail ・・・ The total sum = article price (I include it a consumption tax) + postage / a COD mail
 Please transfer 30000-50000 yen with a down payment
 (I am limited to a total of less than 300,000 yen)
 ◎The postage: It is different by an area / weight / size. Reference give me the following list.
The postage 2Kg
charge to
charge to
charge to
charge to
charge to
charge to
charge to
charge to
charge to
charge to
Tokyo br23
 510  630  750  810  870  930  990 1,050 1,110 1,170
The first
 610  770  930 1,010 1,090 1,170 1,250 1,330 1,410 1,490
The second
 710  870 1,030 1,110 1,190 1,270 1,350 1,430 1,510 1,590
The third
 820  980 1,140 1,220 1,300 1,380 1,460 1,540 1,620 1,700
The fourth
1,020 1,180 1,340 1,420 1,500 1,580 1,660 1,740 1,820 1,900
The first zone: It is Chiba / Saitama / Kanagawa / Ibaraki / Tochigi / Gunma / Yamanashi besides 23 wards of Tokyo
・Miyagi / Yamagata / Fukushima / Niigata / Nagano / Toyama / Shizuoka / Gifu / Aichi / Ishikawa
・Fukui / Shiga / Mie
The second zone: Aomori / Iwate / Akita / Kyoto / Nara / Wakayama / Osaka / Hyogo
The third zone: Tottori / Okayama / Shimane / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi / Kagawa / Tokushima / Kochi / Ehime
The fourth zone: Hokkaido / Fukuoka / Ooita / Saga / Kumamoto / Nagasaki / Miyazaki / Kagoshima / Okinawa

COD mail fee Uniformly \250-
postal transfer bill To 100,000 yen
More than 100,000 yen
Postal registered mail \ 360(It occurs for amounts of money more than 50,000 yen.)
Payment in installments

Shopping credit
(Entry type)
・・・ Remarks:
 I will assume it the coming to the store about the mail-order payment in installments for the time being
  (The mail-order payment in cash is a street so far)
 Equal payment in installments to 1-60 times,
 A bonus combination payment has you use it.
 I can put down payment
 The division number of times and the application which I mentioned a payment amount of money in of moon
 Because I send it out, please send back the matter which it is necessary after entry.
 After the examination approval of the sale on credit company, it is sending it within one week.
 When rare models have time partly, there is it.
 I do communication at any time on this occasion.

amount of money
number of times
fee return total sum Bonus
amount of addition
first time
After the second
240,000 yen
3 3,600 243,600 0 81,200 81,200X 2
6 7,200 247,200 0 41,200 41,200X 5
10 12,000 252,000 0 25,200 25,200X 9
12 14,400 254,400 0 21,200 21,200X11
15 18,000 258,000 0 17,200 17,200X14
18 21,600 261,600 0 15,100 14,500X17
20 24,000 264,000 0 13,200 13,200X19
24 28,800 268,800 0 11,200 11,200X23
A shipment method / a shipment area(All over Japan)
 Sagawa Kyubin (Postage clear statement)
 postal package
 Yamato Transport
 I unify it per one point of 1,000 yen (tax-included) article (I remove the coin case.))
delivery time
 I contact it over an email or a telephone by the stock situation on a shipment due date.
 *The arrival can be late by the import situation. I contact it at any time then.

Article returned goods
 About order cancellation by the circumstances of the visitor, returned goods, the proposal of the exchange I do not make acceptance at all.
 But please return goods after the arrival of the article in the case of the follows within eight days.
 I will change it.
 ・When an article unlike an order arrived.(But I am limited to an unused article.)
 ・The damage that I am delivering it to
 ・When there was deficiency / the defective article of the article.
  (But the case by the responsibility of the visitor is if impossible of return of goods)

The returned goods postage
 I will assume it we burden. Please send it out by cash on delivery.
Bracelet adjustment
 I measure a wrist rotation to add a clock to, and please tell me in the case of an order.
 I send it after having coordinated a bracelet.
 Because I cannot accept it, please understand the returned goods about the article coordinating the bracelet.
 A maker certificate sticks to all.
 For the term of a guarantee, I will sentence you to one year from a date of purchase.
 But I do not become an object of a guarantee even if I meet in the case of next in terms of a guarantee.
 ・change in the appearance(A case, glass, the wound of the band)
 ・The trouble that occurred by the inundation of Occupied, a fall, sand
 ・The trouble that occurred for the error of the use
 ・Trouble by the safekeeping top or the deficiency of the care
 ・The trouble that was performed any place other than us such as battery exchange, repair
 ・Trouble by a fire, a natural disaster, the natural calamity
 ・The guarantee is not intended for the glass of the clock, the belt.

Other instructions
 Because some colors of an article have a different case with a screen, please understand it beforehand.

 We are so sorry.
 We will not ship out internationally.

If you have any questions, please refer willingly.